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[PES2017/2018][Tutorial] How to Make Your Own Startscreen

PES 2018 Start Screen by Ali Ahmed
PES 2018 Start Screen by Ali Ahmed

One year ago, I’ve introduced a video tutorial, which is made by¬†arse19 and talked about this title, you can see this video here. Unfortunately, it only help you answer the question: how to make your own startscreen for PES 2017. It’s understandable since at that time, PES 2018 was being in development and not released yet.

It is now 2018, and PES 2018 has been released for several months. Of course, we had some questions like the one with PES of last year: how to make your own startscreen for PES 2018?

Luckily, recently, a modder has shared on youtube the way he did to create his own startscreen for not only PES 2017, but also PES 2018. The name of this video is in Arabian, but don’t mind, because this tutorial is written in English, and easy to understand.

Too lazy, and only want to download startscreen that made by other modders? Okey, we have a collection that has many beautiful startscreens by various authors. And you can download them free all.

Beside that, you can follow other videos of author on Youtube here. And feel free to share your work with us by joining our partner team.

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