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How to import an Option File on PS3

How To Install An Option File on PS3
How To Install An Option File on PS3

Did you know how to import an option file on PlayStaion 3?

Please note: There have been some people saying that Trophies have been locked because of downloading an Option File. What I did was delete my own Edit Data before copying over the one from the OF. I can confirm this worked as I got the Last Minute Win trophy after installing the Option File.

Step 1. Download the Option File

Step 2. Unzip it (I unzip it onto my desktop)

Step 3. Insert USB stick into PC

Step 4. Make a new folder on your USB called PS3, then inside that create another folder called SAVEDATA

Step 5. Put the OF into the SAVEDATA folder, so on your USB you will have PS3>SAVEDATA>all the folders from the OF

Step 6. Plug USB stick into PS3

Step 7. Go to Game-Saved Data Utility

Step 8. Find your USB stick

Step 9. All the kits etc should show as single files, along with an Edit Data file, and a System Data file

Step 10. Start at the first kit, press Triangle while you are on it, a Copy option will appear

Step 11. Copy onto your PS3

Step 12. Repeat for all kits (this may take about 10 minutes but it is worth it)

Step 13. Also copy the Edit Data from the OF, but NOT the System Data

Step 14. Unplug your USB stick

Step 15. Load up PES2010

Step 16. Voila!


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