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PES 2018 Option File v11 All In One

PES 2018 Option File v11
PES 2018 Option File v11

Download PES 2018 Option File v11 All In One Single Link (Backup Link Available)

PES 2018 Option File v11 Features:
  • Total compatibility with DLC 3.0 .
  • New uniforms for Frosinone .
  • Transfer market updated for Bundesliga, other European Championships, Chinese Championship, Mexican Championship and other Latin America.
  • Correct coaches .
  • Hundreds of new faces .
  • Other minor fixes.
  • New uniforms for Serie A by @ Buffon99 (Bologna, Fiorentina, Juventus, Naples, Turin), added the World Champions logo to Real Madrid uniforms , some updated national jerseys.
  • Added numerous new faces , exultations and call-names .
  • Real boots for all players of Serie A, Serie B, Premier League, Bundesliga, Liga Santander, Ligue 1 and other European tops.
  • Fixed the names of new coaches changed and numerous other fixes (duplicates, wrong nationalities).
  • Total compatibility with the DLC 2.0 .
  • Enter 3 new teams: Hapoel Be’er Sheva , Once Caldas and Cerro Porteno .
  • Kits of some National teams have been updated.
  • Fixed some errors of the previous versions.
  • Added kits to all National teams
  • Inserted the kits to all the teams of the Serie B
  • Added the Bundesliga with players, kits and detailed settings.
  • Enter the 4 Champions League teams (Apoel, Celtic, Maribor and Qarabag) with players, kits and details.
  • Enter the 6 Europa League teams (Ludogorets, Maccabi, Lokomotiv Moscow, Istanbul Basaksehir, Red Bull Salzburg and Viktoria Plzen) with players, kits and details.
  • Added the Liga MX with players, kits and detailed settings.
  • Added the Chinese Super league with players, kits and detailed settings.
  • Added kits to all Sky Bet Championship teams .
  • Enter 23 South American teams with players, kits and details.
  • Enter Asian teams with players, kits and details.
  • Inserted the kits to the classic teams .
  • Allotted the most similar stages with the internal editor for all the teams in the game.
  • Corrected the names , the settings and inserted the logos of the competitions of: England, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico. Correct the names and insert the Cups’ logos .
  • Correct the names and insert the logos of the Premier League teams , Sky Bet Championship, Serie A, Serie B, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3, Liga Nos.
  • Enter the detailed settings of Premier League, Championship, Ligue 1 and 2, Serie A, LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3, Serie B, Liga NOS, Other European Championships, Camp. Brasileiro, Superliga Argentina and Camp. Scotiabank.
  • Enter the Premier League and Serie A rivalries
  • Insert the banners for all the teams in the game.
  • Correct the names of the fake players of the Brazilian league.
  • Enter official invitations for all national fakes.
  • Fixed the names of the classic players .
  • Correct the names of the coaches .
  • Inserted the kits of: Premier League, Sky Bet Championship, Juventus, Serie B, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3, Liga NOS, Bundesliga, Other European, Liga MX, Chinese Super League, National.
How to Install PES 2018 Option File v11?

Important! Read and follow the guide to avoid problems, there are no immediate steps. In the file you download there is also a folder with screenshots of competitions, which are used to manually rearrange teams (to do after importing the FO and applied Live Updates).

A – How to Install Main Option File:

  1. Download and extract the file (with Winzip or similar) on your computer. If Mac use the Keka program.
  2. Move the WEPES folder to a USB device
  3. Connect the USB device to the PS4
  4. Go to Edit mode
  5. Select Data Management
  6. Select Import / Export
  7. Select Import Competition
  8. Select all with square
  9. Continue and select Overwrite images with the same name
  10. Select OK
  11. Select Import Team
  12. Select all with square
  13. Continue and select Apply player and team data and Overwrite images with the same name
  14. Select OK
  15. Wait for the files to be transferred
  16. Exit the Edit mode and save the data
  17. Go to Apply Live Update (in the Extras menu, under Edit)
  18. Select Update team roses and OK
  19. Overwrite saved data
  20. Enjoy!

B – How to reboot the teams:

  1. Go to Edit mode
  2. Select Competition Structure
  3. Select the continent of interest
  4. Move between different competitions using L1 / R1
  5. Select the individual teams with X and move them in the order shown by the screenshots proposed in the Leagues Screenshot folder
  6. Exit the Edit mode and save the data
  7. For Bundesliga and Liga MX: select Competition Structure
  8. Select the Bundesliga or Liga MX .
  9. Select number of participants and set 18
  10. For Chinese Super League: select Competition Structure
  11. Select the Chinese Super League :
  12. Select number of participants and set 16
  13. Select the individual teams with X and move them in the order shown by the screenshots proposed in the Leagues Screenshot folder

C – How to cancel the images:

  1. Go to Edit mode
  2. Select Data Management
  3. Select Import / Export
  4. Select Delete images
  5. Delete all the Uniform and S images .

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Disclaimer: the staff does not take any responsibility for any damages or errors made by the contents downloaded from this site. This FO is in no way produced, supported or encouraged by Konami Digital Entertainment.


  • Patch name: PES 2018 Option File
  • Patch version: v11 (All In One Version)
  • Patch Size: 301.3 MB
  • Compatible with Platform:  PlayStation 4
  • Compatible with PES Version: PES 2017, PES 2018
  • Compatible with other Patches/OFs: All Patchs

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