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PES 2018 PS3 Monster Patch AIO With Data Pack 3

Download PES 2018 PS3 Monster Patch AIO With Data Pack 3 Single Link.

PES 2018 PS3 Monster Patch AIO With Data Pack 3 Features:

_Performing High Quality Graphic
_Fix Kits Hertha Berlin Jersey
_Fix Classic Barca Kits
_Fix Undershort ( no bugs )
_Fix A Kolarov tatto
_Fix Ottamendi face
_Fix Stadium Parc De Princes New Pitch
_Fix Stadium Millenium swap with original Giuseppe Miezza
_Fix Some Team Bundesliga Real squad
_Fix Celtic..Shaktar Donets..Spartak Mosk..Fenerbhace..Besiktas..Porto..and other europan league
_Fix Indonesia National Tim
_Liga 1 Indonesia 70% Skuad Name


**** ***
**** Monster Patch Team Zega81 and Aris Suherman ****
Please Download from author Link…you lose nothing
if u liked this patch u can donate by calling numb inside the game


  • Patch name: PES 2018 PS3 Monster Patch AIO With Data Pack 3
  • Patch version: N/a
  • Patch Size: 2.8 GB
  • Compatible with Platform:  PlayStation 3
  • Compatible with PES Version: PES 2018
  • Compatible with other Patches/OFs: All Patchs

Unrar Password: CIANJURJAGO

All Versions:


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  • What data pack does this pack support and what version as well works perfectly fine? And hope the password is correct?

  • Datapack 3 folder and pkg v1. 04 , and the txt are the only stuff inside as i extracted it. Pls i wanna confirm it’s complete or is any other folder missing in it?

    • answer my question above plsssssss and is Kolarov the only player with tattoos in this patch?

  • Plese can you answer me so i will know if am to re-download this file. I can only find the dlc3 and pkg v1. 04 but there’s no Edit folder/data. I watched it on YouTube, i saw the edit data 5248kb but i can’t see it on my own. If it’s an error and needs to be re-downloaded tell me but if it’s how it is i wanna know to avoid rre-downloading it whereas It’s correct plssss i Need a response

    • Hi. Sorry I am in my holiday so I can not download it to check for you. But I advice you do not download this version, since the DATAPACK 4 is ready and this patch will be updated soonly. Can you wait until that??

  • Please am having a problem With this aio version. After choosing my teams and wants to to start the game, it will start but keeps loading why?

  • And even after installing the pkg version 1.04 yet if i start the game it will keep showing version 1.00.00 data pack 3.0 Why?

  • Please stop avoiding my questions and answer me. I’ve not gotten to play my game since. I need a solution. Or was it a bad idea downloading this from this site?


    I downloaded THIS AIO datapack 3 version 1.04. After following the correct steps. The game wont still cahnge via it’s still on version 1.00.00 instead of 1.04.00 even after installing the pkg version 1.04. The game after choosing teams and pressing start for the match to begin, it will keep loading and you will be hearing commentators voice but wont see anything. Like, the game won’t kick off. Jst keeps loading after showing the stadium if the match wants to begin. Please if you have any idea what the problem is let me knw am begging. I forgot to add that it succeeded in updating the datapack 3. It will show datapack 3.00 version 1.00.00 instead of version 1.04.00. It didn’t succeed in updating the pkg v1. 04. That is my problem and i guess that’s y my game isn’t playing. Please that’s what i need help in. Please if you have any clue on what the problem is, kindly help me out. THOUGH AM RUNNING THIS WHOLE THING WITH THE ISO OF PES2018. LIKE, I DELETED THE HDD, THAT IS THE MAIN PES2018 BECAUSE OF LOW SPACE IN MY PS3, SO AM NOW RUNNING ALL THIS UPDATE WITH THE ISO I CREATED FROM THE ONE I DELETED. BUT I GUESS IS NOT THE PROBLEM RIGHT OR IS IT AMONGST THE PROBLEM? PLEASE FROM THE FIRST DAY I COMMENTED HERE, I HAVE NEVER PLAYED MY GAME BECAUSE OF THIS. I NEED YOUR HELP. PLEASE