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PES 2018 PS4 Option File Serie C v2 by World Of PES 2018

Download PES 2018 PS4 Option File Serie C v2 by World Of PES 2018 Single Link.


  • Patch name: PES 2018 PS4 Option File Serie C by World Of PES 2018
  • Patch version: v2
  • Patch Size: 85.59 MB
  • Compatible with Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Compatible with PES Version:  PES 2018
  • Compatible with other Patches/OFs: N/a

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PES 2018 PS4 Option File Serie C v2 by World Of PES 2018 Features:

Presented by World Of Pes 2018 Ps4 Community founded in 2012 and based on the creation of major and minor leagues in Pro Evolution Soccer. Every day we try to always produce the best to satisfy many of your requests. You are so many and this makes us happy. Keep following us. Below is always the link of our latest option file project still under construction.

Questions and answers about the option file of Series C v2:

The option file of Series c v2 will be compatible with the pes team patch?
It is compatible except for those championships that will be replaced. Robert80 will think of the faces he is already creating. Oldflosky, Peppe83, Lukino71, Brave92 and I have completed the kits. Terras completed Lecce. Pordenone has been inserted and completed.

In v2 will be released the stats and the correct names of all teams of Serie c.

For more information visit the

1- PesTeam website :
2- Facebook:
3- YouTube: https: //
4- List of Faces:
5- Tactics, Training, Shooters (Series C): https: //www.pesteam. it / forum / threads / tactics-training-shooters-series-c.25673 /
6- Rivalry:
7- Edit Exults Players Serie C:


Editor taking part in the project:
– @capitan marchisio (Kitmaker, Editor Data)
– @oldflosky (Kitmaker)
– @ peppe83 (Kitmaker)
– @ lukino71 (Kitmaker)
– @ Robert80 ( Facemaker )
– @Ikui (Editor Data)
– @terras (Editor Data)
– @ Brave92 (Kitmaker)
– @Dutur (Editor Data)
– francesco Lodato (Editor Data)
– @streetpride ( Facemaker )
– @ byManuelito ( Facemaker)
– @ huigoman99 (Editor Data)
– @ Buffon99 (Kitmaker)
– All the components that took part in the PesTeam v10

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