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[PC/XBOX/PS3] DinoTem Editor 18 by smeagol75/lagun-2 TEST VERSION/lagun-2 TEST VERSION

DinoTem Editor 18 by smeagol75lagun-2 TEST VERSION
DinoTem Editor 18 by smeagol75lagun-2 TEST VERSION

Download DinoTem Editor 18 by smeagol75/lagun-2 TEST VERSION Single Link.

Database project was started 2 years ago. It was the distant 2016. This is the definitive tool for you who love Pes and with this you can do everything necessary. This is the fusion of two tools: Dino + Tem = DinoTem.

It wasn’t easy because they were written in two different ways and in two different languages but I found the solution to this problem. Who is a developer can understand very well.

This is just a test version. what does it mean?

It hasn’t been tested so you of the community we ask this favor, you try the tool and write down everything that needs to be done to complete this project. There are still things to implement but the most has been done. The time available is short so I hope in your collaboration.​

DinoTem Editor 18 by smeagol75/lagun-2 TEST VERSION Features:

Edit the file .bin:

– Player.bin
– PlayerAssignement.bin
– PlayerAppareance.bin
– Team.bin
– Country.bin
– Tactics.bin
– TacticsFormation.bin
– Ball.bin
– BallCondition.bin
– Stadium.bin
– CompetitionRegulation.bin
– CompetitionEntry.bin
– Coach.bin
– Competition.bin
– CompetitionKind.bin
– Derby.bin
– StadiumOrder.bin
– StadiumOrderInConfederation.bin
– Boots.bin
– Glove.bin

Player’s editor:

– Name
– Shirt name
– Japanese name
– Nationality
– 2nd Nationality
– Player styles
– Age
– Height and weight
– Stronger foot
– Form, we acc/usage and injury res
– Hidden player
– Positions
– Stats
– Skills
– COM playing styles
– Player’s motions
– Stats adjustments
– Remove Fake ID
– Copy/Paste player stats from PesStatsDatabase (PSD)
– Change skin colour
– Has won golden ball
– Star player indicator
– Youth club
– Import player’s stats from FM 2017 (152188 players)
– Search FM 2017 players by names
– Search FM 2017 players by clubs
– Filter FM 2017 player’s search by club
– Filter FM 2017 player’s search by nationality
– Boots relink
– Gloves relink

Team’s editor:

– Names ( 15 languages supported )
– Short name
– Country
– Fake team
– Non playable league
– License
– Coach license
– Team’s stadium
– Has Licensed Players
– Anthem Standing Style
– Anthem Players Singing
– Anthem Standing Angle
– Has Anthem
– Derby’s relink

Team’s transfers editor:

– Transfer players (with Drag&Drop Function)
– Search players by name
– Change player’s number in team
– Change player’s name in team
– Change player’s shirt name in team

Drag&Drop function:

– Transfer player between teams
– Transfer player from all player’s list
– Remove player in formation
– Move player in formation

Team’s formation editor:

– Change formations (Custom, Offensive and Defensive)
– Changing formations quickly by selecting the module
– Change player’s position
– Change player’s position in the pitch with a click
– Change kickers
– Change tactics (Build up, defensive style…)

Ball’s editor:

– Name
– Order

Coach’s editor:

– Name
– Nationality
– License id

Stadium’s editor:

– Name
– Japanese Name
– Konami Name
– Capacity
– Country
– Zone
– License
– Paste from database

Glove’s editor:

– Name
– Color
– Order

Boot’s editor:

– Name
– Color
– Material
– Order

Competition’s editor:

– Competition Study
– Relink league

Export/Import function:

– Players + teams [CSV] – Teams [CSV] – Players [CSV] – Balls [CSV] – PlayerAppareance [CSV] – Ball Condition [CSV] – Export player
– Import player (PES 2018 only / Dino Editor)
– Export playerAppareance
– Import playerAppareance (PES 2018 only / Dino Editor)


– Stadium: [PES 14/PES 15/PES 16] Stadium Name, Hex, Home Stadium, Real Name, DLC

Global Functions:

– Change all player’s names in upper/lower/first up format
– Change all teams’s names in upper/lower/first up format

Extra Features:

– Compatible with all DLC’s
– All bootspack are supported
– All ballspack are supported
– All stadiumspack are supported
– Remove fake teams names
– Remove classic players fake names
– Add new gloves, balls, boots, coaches, stadiums, derby, players, teams


now thanks to all those who have helped this project in these years (credits by Dino + Tem): @vadim_95 @Mustafa U. @zlac @heromaximo @Fatih Kuyucak @razor87 @Txak @Hawke @Mohamed Alaa @birdix82 @sxsxsx @birdix82 @johnnyusa2k3 @ggardis @buenolacasito @razib_46 @Tottimas, @NFS_FM, @marceu11 @SMcCutcheon @rickrd0
other: capitan marchisio (FM stats)


  • Patch name: DinoTem Editor 18 by smeagol75/lagun-2
  • Patch version: test version
  • Patch Size: 12.75 MB
  • Compatible with Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
  • Compatible with PES Version:  PES 2018
  • Compatible with other Patches/OFs: All Patchs

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